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The highly dispersive, highly active, amorphous, pyrogenic dioxide of silicon (SiO2) received by flame hydrolysis of silicon tetrachloride (SiCl4) of high purity — a valuable excipient for rubbers. It apply to preparation of various greasings, paints and varnishes, to stabilization of suspensions, and zagushchenny ability use when receiving gels for the mazevykh of bases. The adsorption properties of an aerosil use for the purpose of stabilization of dry extracts (their hygroscopicity decreases). In powders apply at manufacture of hygroscopic mixes and as a disperser. Very light micronized powder with the expressed adsorption properties
Rules foundry crystal (silvery) GL-1, GOST 5279-74 receive from graphite ores and a wastage metallurgical and other productions. GL-1 graphite is intended for manufacture of paints, pastes and припыла, applied in foundry production. It is applied in oils and greasings. Lately it finds broad application in construction: at graphite addition together with carbon (soot) in cement and concrete slurries. Concrete solutions are painted in silvery and dark color (a laying of walls, fences, etc.)
Rosin - an amorphous substance from dark red to light yellow color. Is a part of pitches of coniferous trees and it turns out from crude turpentine (the resinous substance (turpentine) which is allocating at wound of trees of coniferous breeds) after extraction of crushed wood with organic solvents or distillation of crude tall oil. Rosin and its derivants apply to a paper and cardboard size fastness, as emulsifier in production of synthetic rubber, in production of rubbers, plastic, an imitation leather, a linoleum, soap, varnishes and paints, elektroizolyatsion-the nykh of mastics and compounds. Also it is applied as gumboil during the tinning and the soldering.
Caustic soda (other name caustic, caustic soda) represents the cheshuirovanny or granulouse mass of white color. Caustic soda in chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper industry, nonferrous metallurgy and other branches of a national economy is applied. It is used by production of various foodstuff, for example, ice cream, chocolate, cocoa, for giving to candies of a caramel shade, softness to olives, etc. – on the international qualifier sodium diabrotic technical is designated as a food additive E 524.
The Chromium Oxide Pigmental (COP) is used in a paint-and-varnish industry. In particular pigmental chromium oxide (OHP-1) is applied to production of primers, enamels, paints.
The Powder Aluminium Pigmental (PAP) represents fine-grained powder of aluminum. Depending on the size of flakes distinguish two types of PAP-1 and PAP-2. It is used FATHERS as a pigment for paints, enamels, rubber adhesives. Due to the high reactivity it is applied to production of aerocrete. It is intended for ensuring safety of steel designs and the metal elements, being exposed temperatures to 450 °C
PVS (the international PVOH, PVA or PVAL) — simulated, water-soluble, thermoplastic polymer. As the only thing for PVS solvent in practice water serves; it is not dissolved in organic solvents, is especially steady against effect of oils, fats, gasoline, etc. hydrocarbons, and also against effect of weak acids and alkalis. It apply as a thickener and the adhesion material in shampoos, glues, latex, in the food industry as emulsifier
Zinc dust represents fine-grained powder of Zincum. PTsR in the corrosion-preventive colourings, coverings, chemical technological processes, gidro-metallurgy is applied. It is made usually by Zincum distillation. PTsR is suitable for use in many compoundings for the production zinc primers and primers for the wide consumer, (inorganic the etilsilikatnykh and epoxy primers). PTsR is suitable also for production of express chemicals with the bound Zincum.
Ekonomkemikal (Chemical house-keeper)
chemical raw materials of domestic and import production

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    The Ekonomkemikal company (Chemical house-keeper) is engaged in sale of chemical raw materials of domestic and import production, and also production of hardeners, the rastvornykh of pitches, express paints and enamels.  We deliver chemical raw materials wholesale, and as raw materials realization from storage and the state reserve.  Quality of production is confirmed with certificates of fitness of manufacturers.
    Depending on the volume of purchases discounts are provided.
    At the first transactions the organization works at conditions of 100% of an advance payment, the delay of payments to 50% is possible further. The above production is in a warehouse. Shipment is made from a warehouse to St. Petersburg. Shipment to the address of your enterprise transport companies, partners of our organization is possible. Our organization is open for dialogue and we are ready to consider any your counter offers.
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Some types of chemical raw materials with which we work:
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